Testosterone Injections: Uses, Side Effects & Warnings

Testosterone Injections: Uses, Side Effects & Warnings

Testosterone is a male hormone. It is produced in the genitals of a male specifically the testicles. This hormone is responsible for the sexuality of a man. It defines and creates the basic male instincts. A small part of this hormone is also found in females.

Testosterone decline is a very common diagnosis these days. Symptoms of testosterone include lack of appetite, loss of sexual desire, stress, weight gain and mood swings. Generally a male usually observes a decline in the testosterone levels by one percent after hitting the 30 hallmark.

However if you happen to observe the level of testosterone declining rapidly in your body you should take some precaution or attain medical attention for your condition. The main solution to this problem is re-introducing testosterone in your body or by saving on what you already have.

Testosterone can be increased through testogen. Testogen is a natural supplement which increases the level of testosterone in your body. It is one of the best products you can find in the market with zero side effects. It helps you regain on your male hormone. Testogen helps recover your libido and enhances your performance in bed. You will also be able to lose weight and get a hold on your mood swings.

Testogen is a very safe way of regaining testosterone. Apart from testogen you may make use of testosterone injections.

Uses of testosterone injections

Testosterone injections are used in particular to regulate the testosterone level in the human body. The injection injects the hormone so that the body system is able to regain its normal functionality. Testosterone injections are not only used by males but it is also used in the breast cancer treatment for women.

The testosterone injection should not be taken without a medical consultant’s prescription. You medical provider will examine you first to identify how much testosterone you require and will then prescribe you the dosage and time intervals in which you gave to take the injection.

The testosterone injection is inserted in to the posterior muscle by a medical professional. You are usually required to get the next dosage within one to four weeks. If you are taking the injection by yourself follow all the instructions given by the medical provider. Also check the condition of the hormone. You should make sure there is not any sort of discolouration present in the injection.

You should not exceed the prescribed amount of hormone because if injected in excess the body will stop the natural production of the hormone. You may experience withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, depression and weakness.

Side effects of testosterone injection

You should not be taking these injections if you are pregnant, suffering from any kidney or liver disease, suffer from prostate cancer or have a serious heart condition. An overdose of this injection may cause you to experience horrible symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face and throat. Other side effects you may experience include nausea, impotence, and decreased semen and so on.

Now shortness of breath and chest pain may cause you to go through a lot. You have to keep an eye on how your body is responding to the injections at all costs.

Testosterone influences many organs in the body and if taken in excess it can cause many grave health issues to occur. So never consume the injections without the help of a medical professional. Remember only optimal use of this hormone will benefit you.

Natural ways of increasing testosterone

Testosterone can be improved through natural methods. You just have to be a bit cautious in your lifestyle and you will see a great change in your hormone levels. Testo Max Review

You should adopt a natural lifestyle. You’re cleaning and hygiene products should not contain the chemicals which are associated with declining testosterone levels. In addition it has been noted that air fresheners can be hazardous for testosterone production. You can go for natural substitutes such as brining in some good smelling flowers or ensuring ventilation in your house.

In addition take natural supplements. Your diet plays a significant role in the testosterone production of your body. Supplements which contain fenugreek, oats and green tea are quite beneficial. You may consume them separately or find a formula which contains them all.

Make sure you eat healthy and exercise. Maintaining a good exercise routine helps pump up blood and increases the production of testosterone. You should make sure you eat plenty of vegetables including spinach and carrots.  Your carbohydrate consumption should be minimal so that you are less prone to gaining weight.

It is by following these simple tips you may be able to increase your testosterone level. However if you think that nothing else is helping you then you may go for testosterone injections as a solution.

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